Helping Children With Anxiety – Part 2


For the past couple of weeks on Facebook I have been sharing my thoughts and tips on how to support children with anxiety. The increase in anxiety amongst children is alarming and is the lack of the correct support and timely help.  The first tip I shared over on Facebook isn’t really a tip but it’s really important.


It’s not your fault but……….

Often by the time families have reached out to me looking for support, the anxiety issues have gone on for quite sometime and the whole family can be feeling exhausted and confused about the next steps that they can take.  Parents first concern often is, what have they done to cause their child’s anxiety, is it their fault? They may have many theories about episodes in the child’s life or aspects of parenting they feel they have let the child down on.

It’s not anyone’s fault!

Sadly anxiety doesn’t discriminate it effects people from all walks of life, of any age at any time. Parents of children with anxiety face tough almost impossible choices on a daily, if not hourly basis.

When you begin working with me, we usually draw up a plan and it’s likely I  will suggest things that you may need to do differently. But rest assured this isn’t me judging you or your family or suggesting you caused the anxiety. It can be painful to hear there are things we are doing that are making our children feel worse, but by working closely with someone like myself and beginning to change and adapt the way we support our children, we can make a significant difference, in a short space of time. With the right support it’s possible to equip young people and children with the skills they will need in adult life and to prevent children’s anxiety overwhelming them or holding back.


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