Anxiety at Christmas and how to shake off anxiety

A couple of quick tips to help with anxiety at Christmas

Alot of the new clients I am seeing at the moment are all talking about the same thing. Christmas and new year. People are telling me how they want to feel better in time for christmas.

If you worry about or feel stressed about Christmas, or worry about feeling anxious over Christmas and not being able to enjoy it, there are a couple of things that I suggest to help you feel better.

No.1 – Make a list
Get yourself a journal or notebook and write down all thing things you need to do to be ready for Christmas. You can add different sections, with gifts for family, gifts for friends, shopping lists, christmas card lists and dates including childrens school performance dates and times. etc.
Seeing the steps and stages that you need to take to be prepared and knowing what you have left to do and work towards, puts things into perspective and can make the task of Christmas and new year less daunting.

No.2 – One stage at a time
Its easy to start panicking when you think about Christmas day as a whole and all of the things you need to prepare and fit in on the day. But remember don’t focus on the day as a whole. Break it down, stage by stage. You only need to get through each stage. For example, the meal with the family doesn’t seem quite as daunting when you separate it from the rest of the day as a whole. You can get through each stage, step by step.

Below is a quick and easy exercise on how to shake off your anxiety:

Sit up straight in a chair.
Hold out both of your arms in front of you.
Take a very slow deep breath in, hold it for the count of five.
Whilst exhaling really shake your hands.
Repeat this three times.
Wait 2 minutes and then repeat again.

How’s that anxious feeling now?


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