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Drinking excess alcohol becomes a problem when you feel you can’t live or function without it, it begins to take over everyday activities and stops you from living a normal life.  Not only does alcohol negatively affect your body, causing many long term illnesses, but it also negatively affects your relationships at home and at work.  

It can creep up and that glass of wine after a stressful day or a pint of beer to wind down after work gradually increases and you start craving alcohol. Like many addictions alcohol addiction can be difficult to break without help and guidance or you may feel it hard to accept that alcohol has a huge impact of your life. Excess alcohol consumption not only includes needing a drink every day, it can also include binge drinking, where you consume large amounts of alcohol in a short amount of time.  Many people binge drink to try and block out and escape from situations in their lives which they feel they can’t deal with.  


How does quitting alcohol with hypnosis work?

I work with you to find your reasons and motivations to stop smoking. Every client I see here in Colchester to stop drinking alcohol different.  Everyone is an individual and your treatment to stop alcohol is created just for you.  

As an hypnotherapist in Colchester & Maldon with over 15 years experience, I will work with you to cut down alcohol intake. I use Hypnotherapy and CBT to not only cut down or stop your alcohol intake but also importantly to discover and solve the problem that caused the problem of your excess alcohol intake.  I work with you to find and solve the other underlying factors that has caused you to drink alcohol.  These can be boredom, stress, worry, anxiety, relationship problems, stress at work or at home, a past traumatic event, not wanting to think about or deal with problems. By solving and dealing with the underlying anxiety it allows you to cope and manage your stresses without needing alcohol.  

My personalised approach to stop the cravings, discover the underlying cause, break the habit of drinking alcohol and puts you in control again and getting your life back on track.  When you have dealt with the underlying anxiety and worries, you can stop alcohol dependence in the long term.

Over my time as a hypnotherapist in Colchester, I have helped many people break their alcohol addiction and dependence using hypnosis for alcohol addiction and CBT.  Call me today to make your first step in changing your life for the better.


Call: 01206 382388 or 07870 816480


How much alcohol can I have a day?

Women should have no more than 1-2 units a day

Men should have no more than 1-2 units a day

You should not drink above 14 units in total per week. 

If you are drinking more than this, you are running the risk of damaging your body and becoming dependent on alcohol.

What are the signs of alcohol addicition?

Not being able to go a day without alcohol

A strong desire to drink alcohol

Drinking alcohol during the day and evening

Needing alcohol to fall asleep at night

Binge drinking on weekends

Loss of control

Mood swings

Memory Blackouts

Loss of concentration

Lack of interest in any other activities apart from alcohol

You may also suffer from physical symptoms:





My Stopping alcohol dependence program, is Safe and Effective.
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