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Anxiety can hit anyone at any time of their life, but sometimes it becomes overpowering, overwhelming and limits you living the life you deserve, making you feel trapped.

Anxiety can affect our lives in many ways, from a doubt that makes us double check, to, have I upset a friend, have I locked the door, have I paid that bill?

For the last 15 years I have been studying anxiety. I believe it can be one of the most debilitating and overwhelming conditions a person can experience. I believe I have developed a revolutionary anxiety treatment that could help you overcome this anxiety and start to transform your life and create a confident, strong and fulfilling new you.


Does your confidence let you down at work or your social life?

Do you feel trapped and stuck in a rut of worry?

Do you want to transform your life?

If so, let me help you to transform your mindset to a high confidence, stress-free lifestyle.

There is an incredible person inside of all of us, let me help you find yours.


Call: 01206 382388 or 07870 816480


How Does Your Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Treatment Work?

My anxiety treatment is revolutionary, I have dedicated the last 15 years of my life, creating bespoke treatment and helping people just like you transform their mindset to create positive and anxiety free outcomes.

By using my skills from coaching, Hypnosis, CBT, Psychotherapy and NLP (Neuro Lingustic Processing) I work with you to find out whats holding you back in life and quickly reprogramming your mindset and what in your subconcious mind is holding you back. I will support you and guide you through your transition to a stress-free, successful and confident person.  Don’t let your low self-asteem and lack of confidence rule your life.

I can offer a treatment that can only be created from my experiences of helping hundreds of clients. Including business people, celebrities and sports people.

Not only will your change help you, it will also have an affect on your family, loved ones and friends.

Do it now, give me a call for a FREE consultation to discuss ways I will help you.
01026 382388

I am located in Colchester in Essex, I will ensure I can deliver the most effective anxiety cure in Colchester.

I also hold a hypnotherapy clinic in Edwards Walk in Maldon in Essex CM9 5PS.  Located in the town centre, with parking nearby.

If you are not able to visit any of my hypnotherapy clinics I can treat you online through Skype.  Get in touch to find out more.


Call – 01206 382388 or 07870 816480


There are many different signs of anxiety, you may have some physical symptoms, psychological symptoms or a both. You don’t have to show all of the symptoms to be suffering.


Physical Signs of Anxiety

Phobias, panic attacks, stomach pains, Blushing, Sweating, Shaking, heart racing, palpitations, muscle pains, chest pains, crying, nail biting, hair pulling, dry mouth, teeth grinding, lump in the throat, finding it hard to swallow, bed wetting, IBS, weight gain, shyness.


Psychological Signs of Anxiety

Panic attacks, A constant fear that something bad will happen, a fear of the dentist, doctor or hospital appointment, constant worry, fear of dying, depression, mood swings, depersonalisation – feeling removed from yourself, agropobia – fear of going out, harming yourself, obessing over something


Gain confidence and be anxiety free and live the life you deserve.



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