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Stuart Thompson – Peak Performance Coach

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Get The Life You Deserve, Today

In our lives, everyone can feel stuck, not knowing the change they need to make life feel better.

Or perhaps you know what you want but not how to get it?

I have been a life coach to people just like you for over 15 years.

You to can transform your life, I am life success mentor and its my job to to help and nurture people to guide them to flourish and create the positive outcomes that they deserve.  

It  can be easy to go through life and not reach our full potential, but I believe accepting less only leads to resentment anxiety and unhappiness. You don’t have to be stuck in a rut, feeling helpless, I can create, mentor, guide and create a life change.

In the past 15 years I’ve worked with people to help them lead extraordinary, success filled lives.

I also offer an exclusive Relationship Therapy Coaching for couples who are struggling in their relationships.  My Re-Connect 2 Coaching program can change your relationship.  It’s different to normal marriage guidance, where we create goals and action them to get your relationship back on track.  To find out more about Re-Connect 2 click here.


To start your new journey in creating a successful, empowering life

Call: 01206 382388 or 07870 816480


Stuart Thompson the Leading Life Coach in Colchester & Maldon.

My coach mentoring program is also available through telephone consultations or online through Skype. Distance is never a concern, I have successfully coached people in all areas of the U.K and overseas.

Need help in your relationship?
To find out more about my Relationship Therapy program – Re-Connect 2 – CLICK HERE


Are you ready to start achieving and living ?

Many people ask me do I need a life coach? The answer to that is simple are you already achieving everything you ever thought was possible. Do you you jump out of bed in the morning knowing the steps you need to take, to ensure your on track to achieving all of your goals and living the life you deserve?

As a coach I work with you to establish the right goals for you. Goals that fit with your strengths and abilities and then I work with you to give the complete certainty that you will achieve them. I give you the tools you need to gain control of your eradicate self doubt.


Who do I coach?

My clients come from all walks of life and have a range of reasons to visit.  From hard working mums, to people who already have achieved huge success in business and want more! As well as professional Sports men and women hoping to remove any emotional and physical barriers to success and people in the entertainment industry (including comedians, TV personalities and DJ’s) looking to develop new skills to enable them to find greater motivation, success or confidence.


Am I the right coach for you?

If your looking for a coach who has years of success working with celebrities, business people and sports people. If you want a coach who uses one of thee worlds most advanced coaching systems created by psychologists then give me a call.  If you are looking to find motivation, to move on in your life, find and achieve lasting happiness or reach a goal then this style of life coaching is right for you you. If you would like to find out more please don’t hesitate to call me to discuss your exciting change.


CALL: 01206 382388 OR 07870 816480


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