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One of the most common reason people visit in Colchester or Maldon is treatment for anxiety and panic attacks. Its said that most people will experience at least one panic attack at some time in their lives, but this doesn’t lessen how scary and how overwhelming they can be.

I believe that anxiety and panic attacks are one of the most overwhelming things we can experience in our lives and the impact can be overwhelming.


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Where does anxiety come from?

Sometimes they start with just a small worry, did I turn the oven off? was that person offended by something I said? For other people who visit me in Colchester it can feel like they appeared from nowhere. The first thing to remember is your not alone thousands of people across Essex and Colchester experience anxiety every day.

A panic attack is described by some people as the natural reaction of the body and mind to an unnatural world.  


what is Anxiety?

We experience anxiety and panic attacks to protect us from danger. All to often that danger is either not real or is created by our subconscious.  When we feel fear or extreme worry our mind triggers the release of hormones such as adrenalin, these speed up our heart rate and focus our mind. Which is great when our fear is being chased by a wooly mammonth, but in modern life our fears are more complex. The effect of this is that our mind creates what I call a paper dragon, something that looks and feel to us completely overwhelming. But with the right approach pushed away and that energy that was used to create it, can be used for something more powerful and beneficial to you.


So how can visiting me for Hypnotherapy in Colchester help?

I have developed an approach to treating anxiety and panic attacks that has seen really powerful results.  The use of hypnosis as a tool has an amazing systematic benefit in reducing the symptoms of anxiety and reducing the frequency and power of the panic attack.  I also work to enable you to control your bodies response to fears and worries that trigger the panic. My approach then uses proven techniques and theory to target the root cause of the fear and panic.


All to often anxiety appears because of low self esteem a lack of belief in our own ability or skills. I use therapy to re-frame these beliefs and underlying causes so that a permanent solution can often be found.

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Through therapy with me in Colchester or Maldon you can turn you defeat your panic attacks or paper dragons and feel great again. If your worried about your anxiety, give me call for a free consultation.

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