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We all have a range of fears, some are mild but some can completely overwhelm us. Hypnosis has long been recognised as a way of breaking peoples phobias and allowing them to live free.

With the combination of hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) phobias can be challenged and removed rapidly **.


What Causes a Phobia?

Many people believe that a phobia is created as a response to a negative past experience, being locked in a confined space leads to claustrophobia, been bitten by dog leads to, a dog phobia (cynophobia).

But this isn’t always the case, many phobias are a creation of our sub conscious, perhaps in a misguided strategy to protect us.

How Does A Phobia TREATMENT Work?

After an initial assessment, we work together to reprogram your mind and bodies response to your phobia. **

It’s almost as if NLP and hypnotherapy were invented to treat just phobias, phobias live in that deep part of you unconscious mind and consciously we can see how irrational they can be. **

Hypnotherapy and NLP work directly with your unconscious mind so it’s often so easy to make significant changes to a persons fear and phobia in fantastically short space of time.**

I have developed my own unique bespoke phobia treatment in Colchester and Maldon, using my experience of dedicating over 15 years of my life to helping people just like you.**

I offer a Free consultation to discuss how I can help you, this allows me to create your bespoke treatment for anxiety. **


There is no need to feel trapped **,

Let me help you, to free yourself from phobia’s **

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My hypnotherapy clinic is based in Colchester in Essex, and I also hold a clinic in Maldon town centre in Edwards Street, CM9 5PS.  It is easily located with parking nearby.
However if you are unable to travel to the clinic in Colchester or Maldon, due to distance I can treat your phobia online through Skype.
Please contact me for more information.

 ** The result of any treatment cannot be guaranteed, although we carry out a thorough initial consultation and assessment free of charge to make every effort to ensure that hypnotherapy is the right treatment for you.


Types of Phobias

Claustrophobia –    Fear of enclosed or tight spaces

Aviatophobia –        Fear of flying 

Dentophobia –        Fear of the dentist

Acrophobia –           Fear of Heights

Hemophobia –        Fear of blood or injury

Agrophobia –          Fear of crowds or open spaces

Social Phobia –        Fear of social situations

Arachnophobia –    Fear of spiders

Cynophobia –          Fear of dogs

Ophidiophobia –     Fear of snakes

Nyctophobia –         Fear of the dark or night

Glossophobia –       Fear of public speaking or performance anxiety

Call: 01206 382388 or 07870 816480

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