Below are some testimonials from previous clients who have visited me for hypnotherapy in Colchester:
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“From the first time I spoke to Stuart he was very reassuring and understanding.  He has helped me a lot and couldn’t ask for much more. Thanks” **


“Stuart helped me enormously to deal with my cancer diagnosis and to find a way of accepting and working with the treatment plan. I was terrified of the chemo and he helped me to see it as a helpful tool for my body to use. I am so grateful for the support that Stuart gave me and think it played a huge part in the overall success of my treatment” **


“Having been fortunate enough to find Stuart when he worked in Leeds. I would highly recommend him. He made me feel comfortable and at ease and found him easy to get on with and as importantly what he does works” **


A message from a client who was suffering from severe panic attacks and anxiety: **

hypnotherapy Colchester

**Each person that visits us are individual and we cannot guarantee any certain individual results for any treatment.

Stuart Thompson Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching in Colchester, Essex.

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